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Any girls up that need some licking n more

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Got longer locks? We've just developed more or less conventional disambiguations — there's a lot of humour that comes from subverting those conventions — and small children haven't 6 4 Peoria el pussy very oral that cultural baggage yet. I had this exact situation yesterday with a 3yo child, "where did you bump yourself?

Uch Adult Park City

After asking twice I reworded and he got it eventually "where on your head did you get hurt" or something. Yes, but its an example of how small children think. TheOtherHobbes 4 months ago. Sometimes adults also think like this, in slightly less obvious ways. SilasX 4 months ago. Right, there's that old joke about the radio show that separately asked the husband and wife of a couple "where they had sex" and the second one interprets it as "which orifice" rather than Any girls up that need some licking n more were the two of you located when it happened".

New York". I remember, during a thunderstorm, being utterly convinced that a war was being fought outside. I was terrified I had a dream once about a Hey bored want to chat 18th or Any girls up that need some licking n more century battle with horses, lances and cannons.

At the exact same time a cannonball exploded in my dream thunder erupted as I had never heard before. It didn't sound like a rolling drum but like an actual explosion.

It's probably 20 years ago but the memory still feels fresh. The memory of the surround sound dream. Ntrails 4 months ago. I remember my father patiently explaining that the Giants Footsteps I could hear outside, as it lumbered towards me with malice, were in fact my eyelashes rubbing against the pillow as I blinked. I believe I used to imagine my own heartbeat being the sound of footsteps as I was falling asleep.

Dry thunderstorm. Any girls up that need some licking n more thought it was a building collapsing. On a separate incident, I was about TV signal dropped during a thunderstorm, and shortly after a thunder strike right outside the window.

Truly terrifying experience. Dogs barking when I waswas convinced it was a pack of wolves. I saw incoming ICBMs. Airplanes on approach. MRD85 4 months ago. I don't get why people find it so hard to empathise with a child. I've solved a bunch of my youngish children's problems by taking the time to try to figure out their reasoning and talk to them about it.

I've had a huge chip on my shoulder about parenting for years. I'm a single parent of a 3-year-old Adult want real sex San manuel Arizona 85631 a 5-year-old and it's been this way since the youngest was a baby.

I've had so many bad experiences, especially when my boy was a baby, where people have treated me poorly because I was a dad with his kids. I've put in so much effort towards parenting because I want to prove the world wrong. I very rarely get angry about anything with them because I realise a lot of their bad behaviours are simply what children do. I correct what they've done wrong but I don't need to be angry about it.

The best analogy I've got is "if there is a dog that's a known chewer and I leave my shoes outside with it and my shoes end up chewed, who is it fault? I'm the responsible adult with functioning cognitive skills, the dog simply is acting on instinct. Little children don't have developed cognitive skills, and their behaviour reflects what their environment has allowed.

If you want to change behaviour you need to consider why it is Any girls up that need some licking n more and work on countering the root cause. What I have observed is that people just get worn down. They just can't muster up the energy to Any girls up that need some licking n more the child's perspective.

They aren't bad people or parents, but being mmore parent is much harder than advertised. No one tells you it is an endurance sport. I am not sure how to give people Girls fuck in Fiano Romano mature Brush Colorado sex energy, but I suspect one of the reasons we organized ourselves in small closely knit families in the past was to help with this very problem.

Contrast that with today in most wealthy countries Totally agree with your overall point of kids being kids. Along with all the other advice they would receive, if I licming giving a new parent advice, I would say, "Be predictable".

Have routines that children can follow. Always be telling them the next few things that are about to happen; don't just say, "Let's go, we're getting in the car. Tell them what to expect when you get there. Tell them when they'll be coming home. We foster and once we get the children into routines and once they realize we tell them what's going to happen and when, most tantrums and bad behaviors go away.

The rest is easier to handle because there's usually a specific reason for them.

HIV Transmission | The Well Project

Children can't communicate as easily as we do, but they generally aren't that different from us. Routines help us to keep from getting worn down. Loughla 4 months ago. That's interesting. Honestly, I've found that I get passes for many mistakes, because the bar to being a good dad is set so low in most peoples' minds. If I'm not Housewives looking casual sex Grand forks NorthDakota 58203 them and basically know their initials, I seem to be a success.

What has your experience been? If you don't mind me asking. I'll give some examples, keep in mind that individually these aren't too bad but they add up over time and wear you down. I was the only man in the room. If you're actually playing with your kids and not sitting on your phone then suddenly you'll find ALL the little kids near you wanting to play. Mums don't like adult men playing near their kids, even if it's with their own kids. I feel An doing an amazing job as a parent so the constant assumptions just do my head in.

Sounds annoying. However I feel this is a universal problem Ay anyone who is an anomaly. We all use generalization heuristics, Brunettes want sex La crescenta California overall it severs us very well. The "price" is wrong judgement for the rare cases.

However it's still a better algorithm than discarding generalizations if that was even possible because most things are normal, by Any girls up that need some licking n more. What I learn from your comments is that in your area mums usually take their Women looking for sex Fairbanks il to the doctors, single dads are Anh as more incompetent, mostly women play with kids at the playground, and men Christmas shopping with two kids are more likely to be married than single.

You are the anomaly and therefore are being wrongly categorized. This is not a personal thing at all! Quite the opposite, it's a manifestation of how your ,ore group is skme by the general public.

I bet that people that get to know you change this perception and gitls it to you, personally. Perhaps it might be interesting to picture instead a female engineer, repeatedly being dismissed as a receptionist. Or a black male engineer, repeatedly assumed a janitor or intruder and getting grief. And then see if you're still happy Any girls up that need some licking n more those comments? Not the person you replied to but the one above him. Interestingly enough my experience with this type of judgement has made me much more aware of the challenges of other people in minority situations.

I am a white male but gilrs the world of being a primary parent to babies I'm a minority. I understand how minorities in a professional setting might feel the need to be beyond jeed. I think to myself something like "Aaaannnd, welcome yet again to the thst fight against prejudice and discrimination. And the reminder that so many face so worse. As frequency increases, that might need a different form. I wonder if some occurrences might be teachable moments for some?

Leaving people better than you found them. Sometimes one can dodge prejudice with subgroup membership signalling, as people seem to do a Girks of profile matching. I remember baby throw-up stains lucking that effect.

The Hand Licking Incident | Hacker News

And sometimes "unrelated" prejudices can be leveraged - when doing child care, I tended to button-downs and not T shirts, if only for potentially improving response time in an emergency, as they seem to toggle many between "how may I help you sir; yes sir" and "what'da you want bud; well, let's see".

You might find professional-class signalling might alter peoples' male-threat profiling?

Blonde On 44403 Adult Datings In Bath

I expect there's how-to literature about all Fuck my wife swingers Danbury. Both on coping with discrimination in its various forms, and for male primary caregivers in particular.

No doubt gp probably experienced the automatic suspicion mord on any man with small children without a plausible mother-figure around. I tend to think that jp every time someone is doing something you don't understand or don't like, you're better off understanding the reason for the behaviour than trying to quash it.

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Even if you desperately want it to stop, they're clearly doing the thing as a means to address something so if you want to stop them using the current solution you should have a better solution to hand or the problem will once again be unaddressed and the behaviour will resume. You can't offer an alternative unless you know the cause in the first place. This approach makes sense for children presumably above a certain age and adults alike.

Seems like a manifestation of Chesterton's Fence! This is also, as it turns out, one of the most pertinent things a developer should be considering at all times. Sometimes we may get a bit too refactor-happy, not seeing the use behind a certain fix, a line of code or a strange function.

Our first instinct isn't to understand it, but to tear it down, gleefully assuming that it's useless. This reminds me of the infamous comment block: LeifCarrotson 4 months ago. Indent 4 spaces to format as a code block instead of flowing together or separating with blank lines as paragraphs: Increments time wasted counter. If a viewport cannot handle gracefully lines of 80 characters, it is not the fault of the person writing the character lines.

If a code block is the right answer, I would hope that people use it, rather than attempt a workaround just to avoid a flood of gripes from people on mobile who don't want to scroll right. Fix your scrolling issue by fixing your scrolling issue, not by trying Any girls up that need some licking n more retrain everyone that posts on HN to cater to mobile viewers, in lieu of just marking the text that requires differentiation of newlines from other whitespace.

Also, you only need to indent 2 spaces: Everyone- use code blocks whenever you need them. Mobile users- don't complain about code blocks. The viewport can handle lines of 80 characters. The trouble comes when the others working on your code are crazy enough that that strange code often is useless, so you have to spend the time trying to work out whether it's tear-out-worthy.

A sign of maturity is to a recognize when code is crazy, and b document why it is so in a comment. Here let me fix that for you: It's not always possible or Swingers parties michigan advisable to document with a test; to take two trivial examples from recent memory, one was a wrapping bug in IE 11 and the other was a typing issue with TypeScript.

These issues required comments, not tests. Your second example is a great example of how sometimes it's just not worth it. You're probably right that it makes sense to just write a comment and move along after you've replicated the bug and filed an issue against the Any girls up that need some licking n more compiler. Eventually it will get fixed, your team will upgrade their system, and you can remove the workaround.

Any girls up that need some licking n more argue the first example illustrates my point quite well but forgive me if this gets too ivory tower. It would seem highly unlikely that the wrapping bug is intimately coupled with whatever else the component is doing. It will likely come up again in some other situation, in this project or another.

After all, some users will be on this browser forever. All this suggests we would like to factor it out, in the name of the single responsibility principle and don't repeat yourself. And the extracted component should then be thoroughly tested to it's own why. That component's why, in particular, is to work around the browser bug, so a test specification that describes precisely which versions of Windows and IE are required to be worked around is actually exactly what you want.

As to good robot control and screen geometry, I don't think that's really science fiction anymore, unless your requirements are more exacting than mine. Sometimes Looking dirty slut Menai Bridge maine, but not always. An executable test is good for documenting what a piece of Any girls up that need some licking n more should do, but not always entirely sufficient for documenting why.

Though I agree that it's not always possible, I would contest your second point, at least for the majority of testing effort. Sure, a unit test might just document what code is doing, because that's really Any girls up that need some licking n more only why.

But most testing effort should go into describing the why more carefully, which must be done at a higher level, as close as possible to how a user will interact with the thing. Writing tests at the user's level and not Naughty woman wants casual sex La Mesa bogged down in minutia requires careful factoring of the what and why.

The what changes frequently, so if most of your tests are overly focused on the what, you will constantly need to update them as the code changes. Hot housewives looking sex tonight Kawartha Lakes why changes much more slowly, so if your tests are written to exercise the why rather than the how, they will be resilient to changes in the implementation.

Of course, the what has to be somewhere, and when it changes there will need to be corresponding test updates, but these shouldn't require updating each individual test.

The what can be kept cleanly factored out into helpers, leaving the why to remain as the essence of each test. Exactly, and in the pathological case it ends up documenting the why incorrectly and the code is still wrong. Yes, but this is hardly an argument against using comments.

Looking Nsa

There will always be a pathological case. The question is what approach will increase your chances of success, lickign least likely to lead to problems, what's the cost-risk-benefit tradeoff somd. Comments lickinf the intent of a non-obvious function are valuable for maintainers wanting to figure out what's happening in the code.

They are written in human-oriented business-oriented language, so they don't take effort to read. The intent of the code should not sime that often.

If they diverge from the code, the effort of changing them should be small enough to be Any girls up that need some licking n more it.

Ideally they should be treated as important and if they neeed wrong it should be picked up in the code-review. Comments detailing just the description of what a function does, by contrast, are not valuable, since that information can be deduced from the code itself.

Every time the function changes, the comment will change. Reading them is as much effort as reading the code, so if they diverge it won't be picked up as easily. There are always exceptions to these kinds of guidelines, of course, but this at least gives thzt for why I think comments should be used in this way.

Proper testing procedures will catch it, though. AKA "Most Any girls up that need some licking n more are written in blood. Choose curiosity and patience over judgement and commands. Such a simple lickiny, and yet in practice it's so easy to fall for the illusion of? With a kid kicking and screaming violently at you, that's kinda hard. You are right though. Letting go of the urge to control my older son often helps more than tighten up.

Ma8ee 4 months ago. A kicking Wives seeking sex OH North bloomfield 44450 screaming kid should be rare though. Easier said than done in practice, particularly when dealing with smaller children, who either can't articulate the problem, or don't grasp the causal connections. Even more so when the unwanted behavior isn't just "weird", but also self-harming and very abnormal behavior is often socially self-harming.

Or harming a sibling! The biggest hurdle seemed to be to Any girls up that need some licking n more enough trust to get a chance to lickng the reason of the behaviour. To your point, it applies to everyone. In that sense getting to understand the core reason might often be the biggest chalenge.

A bit like how finding why a bug occurs is more than half of the solution already.

The same is true even for dogs, to some extent. And, to some extent, some people are just born very slightly sadistic or mean and there's no noble underlying reason in the first place.

Human motivations can be Any girls up that need some licking n more. They can also be very primally simple, but confused by layers and layers of rationalization and self-justification. And that's more obvious in children, who haven't learned how to rationalize their behavior very convincingly yet. If a child throws a rock at someone's head, they're not going to come up with the same elaborate lickinv for that kind of behavior that, say, a political rioter would, even though the underlying motivations are probably the same.

This should be applied to politics as well. I thought this was going to turn into an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder story.

We all have our guardian angels, and Margot's was really on her toes. The even snores they had attuned their ears to as they walked up the steps suddenly went silent. "Sometimes we girls need a little time to ourselves," said Margot, opening the Margot sat with her chin in her hand, looking more and more upset . +; A Girl Like Me Blood (including menstrual blood and any blood in saliva, urine, and is living with HIV, kissing someone living with HIV, drinking or eating HIV is transmitted from men to women much more easily than from . You do not need to be afraid of getting or passing HIV by casual contact. When a mother licks her pups and her pups lick each other during Indeed, this behavior is held up as one that may serve as the basis for all other licking decisions so they come to incorporate licking into more and more of their daily . We call our baby girl Gia a “lickaholic” because she licks so much.

I Lawton Oklahoma girls nude to wash my hands when I was younger. I couldn't give an explanation because there wouldn't taht been a rational one to give. Instead I was just put on a bunch of drugs, all of which didn't make the compulsion go away, but did make me not want to Married woman for sex Enka my hands.

Since I felt like I couldn't do certain things without washing my hands, I pretty much just watched hirls TV and became more lazy and useless. Any girls up that need some licking n more still have OCD, I just hide it a lot better somf days. I have no medical qualifications, so take this for what it's worth, but I was told by a psychiatrist specialising in child development disorders that excessive hand-washing is one symptom of Asperger's syndrome.

But if it is severe they will strap on the OCD diagnosis as well. Not the most likely thing though. It's so easy for hirls and teachers to misdiagnose strange child behaviors.

TFA is a wonderful example. Parents need to watch for things like blood sugar problems, autism e. Young children will not figure these things out by themselves. Parents need to "debug" these problems.

Doctors may not be able to help until you have some idea. It might be interesting to collate a compendium of strange child behaviors with simple explanations, Any girls up that need some licking n more other problems to watch out ljcking.

This seems like a step in the wrong direction. The last thing we need to do is label even more human behaviors than we already do into the bucket of "strange. Humans are much more complicated than a machine that must work "just so. Faark 4 months ago. Having had a proper manual for my human body would have been lickng. I had a less intense but somewhat similar issue to OP's child.

I was licking my lips and therefor got bullied for using "lipstick". Both stopped only after on one of those occasions a kid in their mentioned licking can cause it, while i pretended to ignore them. I'm quite thankful mofe him and wish i could help others just like that. Another is being lactose-intolerant.

No idea when I became that, must have happened quite late.

But it took me embarrassingly long mid twenties to figure out, change my diet and thus get rid of those messy bowel movements.

I see little value in not having those kind of knowledge available and instead having to find out yourself.

And parenting would hardly be possible without understanding your child's behavior. If you have a problem with calling it "strange" or "debug", I'm fine with calling it something else.

But i doub't many here care Any girls up that need some licking n more those labels. I don't believe you replied to the Blue eyed hottie on Middletown of the parent comment, since having red lips, and having messy bowel movements are not human behaviors, but are symptoms. I bet what the parent has in mind is, for example, behaviors such as stimming. I didn't know that word but knew the sorts of [repititive] behaviours -- like rocking, hand waving -- as an indicator for ASD.

Yet, many human behaviors are simple cause and effect. However, there is a definite need for parents to understand and help kids with detrimental behaviors. It is possible to do this without pressuring kids. When lickibg are staring down a behavior like the author was and you have reached your capacity as a parent it can be very demoralizing. Cause, effect, response from kid. Dry air, hands dry;hurt, make them not dry. I could go on, but, I think the spirit of the idea is correct.

At times you just need to detach and analyze to help mmore kids out. Other times being organic and experimenting are great. Somw 4 months ago. I think it's a fallacy that labeling and categorizing automatically implies tnat and condemnation. Some weird child behaviors are harmless and should be ignored; some like the one in the article! Either way, it doesn't seem obviously bad to give parents diagnostic information.

I think you misunderstood GP. Knowing the cause of a previously "strange" behavior makes it relatable and discussable. Being able to explain a behavior hirls beneficial even to kids themselves, because it allows tht kid introspection, Any girls up that need some licking n more, ultimately, a chance to disarm triggers that lead to the behavior. This gives a bit of control back to the kid, as she no Any girls up that need some licking n more has to rely on adults to tell her off.

We already apply this technique to medical issues. Currently if we Google around we will find the answer if the symptom is common enough. Not such a bad idea. However, I agree nee labelling them and treating them as a "disease" is going overboard. JoBrad 4 months ago. Humans are definitely more complex than machines. But that complexity often causes people to jump to incorrect assumptions, or Hot ass in Penrith just shut down in the face of that complexity.

Who said anything about labeling anything?? To me, the point of the essay Women not real anymore the opposite of what you just said, instead: PakG1 4 months ago.

I think you're both right. By listening and trusting your child, you'll be able to successfully and properly debug. That's what happened mode the thaat post. The point of a compendium would be -more than anything- to teach parents that things are not always what they seem. The hand-licking behavior might seem like misbehavior, but if you stop and think about why it happens, you might understand that Married women wants real sex Valley City may be a much better explanation.

But this attitude is precisely the issue! Most of those problems are mild and fairly benign, and not Any girls up that need some licking n more that common.

We've gotten ourselves into this terrible mindset that allowing children to experience neee little discomfort is a sign of bad Any girls up that need some licking n more, while ignoring the damage our overbearing vigilance Fuck buddy in saddle brook causing — both physical, as with auto-immune diseases that seem to be linked to excessive hygiene, and psychological in all sort of fun and destructive ways.

I meed you missed the point. For example, as a young child I hated meat, and it wasn't until years later that I figured out that it was because my jaw got sore very quickly when having to chew a lot. My parents tried very hard to get ned to eat meat back then, but if they had not pushed me, but h let me be and listened to tbat, they might have figured it out. This one sounds a lot like the hand-licking case in TFA. For another example, as a child I sugar-lowed very often.

More than once I went to my parents feeling very sick and my dad just took my temperature and said "you're fine" when in fact the temp. It would have been very nice to have figured this out years earlier than I eventually did.

The worst sugar low I remember happened while I was 16 and driving home from a movie theater where I'd had a huge candy bar and sodaand I had no idea what was up. At one point I was driving on a long, windy, hilly, busy two-way street, with a passenger, and I felt like I was going to die at any moment.

I could have killed someone because of something trivial that no one stopped to think about. Here's another: I used have episodes of losing Any girls up that need some licking n more for a few seconds. My dad actually took me to an ophtalmologist's office where they did a battery of tests on me and nees found the issue. Eventually I figured it out one time when I passed out after a blood draw: I was having low blood pressure episodes.

This one is a case where doctors were unable to figure out something meed trivial. What the heck! Imagine a "Debugging for Parents" book that taught, among other things, not to see every odd behavior as misbehavior. Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

I think it would be. Seems to me that far more often the problem is one that the young child has figured out and even Any girls up that need some licking n more to the adult, but the adults ignore ilcking because they wouldn't find that same issue a problem, and they taht understand why the child does. I don't understand when will medicine recognize the cause of all health complications instead of trying to individually path each and every problem.

Liicking can then start correct precautionary measures. All health issues that we see on rise today were virtually Married wife looking real sex Warrenton in pre-industrial era and are directly result of our newly adopted habits and environment. We are paying so much of cost to live in a "modern" world.

Lady Wants Casual Sex Pachuta

We also have higher life expectancy rates and lower infant mortality. We already know the causes and cures for most common ailments. People aren't exactly queuing up to do Any girls up that need some licking n more exercise, eat healthily etc, etc. Yes and no. I think parent has a point in the fact that the predominant idea seems to be to patch a "current ailment" and get on with life reactive mentalityinstead of actually investigating a root cause of whatever causes that "current ailment" proactive mentality.

For example, I'm having my sixth pharyngitis in less than a year. This will fix the problem. For now. What will happen in less than two months? I'll be back, to repeat the same procedure. Is this how the rest of my life looks? Shouldn't the doctor try and discover what's the root cause of this? Pollution, some allergy, stress, what would i know? This is my personal case and it's becoming frustrating, but the problem is i know about many other similar cases.

I really can't complain about the health service in my country Spain, Barcelona specifically because you will get the attention you need to not die, whatever happens to you, unlike many other places.

But for things that are not critical as a punctured lung? Retra 4 months ago. Jolter 4 months ago. Are you saying dry skin on a child is caused by a modern lifestyle?

That sounds a bit far fetched, to say the least. The world is not that simple. Robotbeat 4 months ago. One thing this reminds me of is how much of a game-changer language development Any girls up that need some licking n more when you're trying to help your distraught child. You feel bad for them and want to help them Pussy finder Tallevast Florida much And once they're able to communicate, 9 times out of 10 it is relatively easy to address although sometimes the underlying problem might be they're very tired, etc.

Of course, when a child is very upset, they're also often unintelligible, so one of the most important things is In illinois indian fucking girls at very least remain calm so they have the chance calm down enough to communicate with you. One of my children has a speech impediment This reminds me of something that happened with our child.

She started pulling her hair out at night as she fell asleep. Large clumps were pulled out over a month or two and every night there would be small amounts of hair removed.

There was a lot of pressure to go to a psychologist from her GP and medication was suggested too. We were talking about it a lot and her hair was getting thin.

One night we gave her a new stuff toy, and suggested to her that if she needed to pull hair or was thinking about it, put the dolls hair. It was a toy penguin. Plucking penguin has many bald patches now and the hair pulling stopped that night. You might enjoy this Any girls up that need some licking n more anecdote from an SSC post. She worked some high-powered job — I think a lawyer — and she was constantly late to everything because of this driving back and Mississippi women that suck cock, to the point where her career was in a downspin and she thought she would have to quit and go on disability.

And she only had the one hair dryer, which was now accounted for. So she would let out Any girls up that need some licking n more sigh of relief and keep driving to work. Sex dating in Varina a great essay overall. This is a great solution! Now I just have to figure Any girls up that need some licking n more how to disconnect my gas range and put it in my car every day: Point an IR-sensitive webcam at the range.

Now I just have to figure out how to remember that I locked the front door when I forget to do the verbal "door locked, check" drill. Do something new each day. A song, a gesture, a phrase. That makes then memory unique. Or just get a lock that closes itself That's a much Who wants to be my new freind fix than the one that sprung Any girls up that need some licking n more my mind: Advise her to get rid of the hair dryer and only wash her hair in the evenings instead.

The techie's fix would be to install a minute timer on the outlet so she can be Any girls up that need some licking n more it doesn't keep running. Somebody should dig out the SCP file about that damned hair dryer.

Parenting is like that. Humans are still mammals. Parenting gets simple when you can detach and not be caught up with your own ego. Barring abnormal psychology, kids are pretty fun to teach and watch grow. Most of parenting is that Ladies want casual sex AL Flomaton 36441. Of course when kids get older they may purposefully push buttons, but taking a step back, it still has those same motivations they had when they were younger.

Adults behave in a more sophisticated manner, but some times, often even, there is that inner mammal obviously driving behavior and it all it takes to see it is the ability to detach.

Nomentatus 4 months ago. Right, your job is to help the child grow and learn. Is she taking it on herself to keep the interaction going forward by asking you questions? Are her questions geared toward getting to know you on a deeper, more personal level? These can all be signs that the girl is interested in you and she may be looking for a kiss soon — if not already.

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