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I wanted a dog for a long time, but Lonely here at work wife, Sara, was a bit resistant. I don't blame her. We had three children in a period of 45 months, we both worked in demanding jobs, and we had just started to adjust to a new phase of life: Ultimately, I did the only sensible thing I could do Lonely here at work the situation: I enlisted our children in a lengthy and persistent campaign.


We begged, we cajoled, we promised to clean up Lonely here at work poop and walk the dog. When we found that tiny puppy, Sara picked her up and they both squealed with joy. I knew we would achieve our objective of dog ownership! I suggested to the kids that we let Mom name the dog.

Hege wife, Sara, and our dog, Peggy, have been nearly inseparable ever since.

Feeling Lonely? Here Is Why You Need To Take It Seriously

They say CEO is a lonely job — and two-and-a-half years later, I know it's true. I have no peers for the first time in my career, Lonely here at work I feel st absence. I don't get to go to lunch and complain about the boss with my coworkers. My role in the company is unique and uniquely isolating.

If I don't like how things are going, I can't leave — certainly not with my career and reputation intact.

I regularly possess information about our financial position, a key partnership, or a former employee, and I can't share it with anyone.

My investors are supportive and kind, but LLonely one of many companies in their portfolio.

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I work alone. So yes, CEO is a lonely job. And my kids are growing up so they don't run to the door to great me anymore.

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But when I get home from work, no matter what, Peggy is overjoyed to see me. Read more: I spent 10 years planning to become Lonelh, but I never got the job until I changed my perspective completely. The author's poodle, Peggy. Courtesy of Josh Leslie. Lonely here at work VP of HR announced in an email that we were considering a policy to allow dogs in the office.

I was very enthusiastic and hopeful that our employees would be supportive.

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Fortunately, they were. One week later, I brought Peggy into work. The first employee I ran into looked the two of us over, and quickly concluded: It was you who wanted dogs in the office.

Your employees will take everything you say and do seriously.

Casual comments can become policy in the blink of an eye. The CEO is the cultural heartbeat of the company, whether you want it that way or not. Leaving the office early gives people permission to do the same. Staying late xt people feel pressure to stay at work longer. My words and actions are an ongoing signal of what I value and what I Lonely here at work is important. Lonely here at work employees look to leadership to set priorities, and I'm in a constant state of communicating Lone,y priorities.

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I look at everything I do hete or try to — with intention. This leads me to my third and final lesson learned, and it has nothing to do with my dog. As a first time CEO, I've gotten a lot of advice. Some of it was solicited, and some wasn't.

For the first time in many years, most of Lonely here at work people who work for me know a lot more about ah to do their jobs than I do. Many have been at the company longer than I have, and virtually all of the technical people in the company are simply much deeper in our domain than I am. This is all in sharp contrast to the last seven years I spent working as a VP of sales, which came on the heels of a successful career selling technology and managing salespeople.

By my third Lonely here at work of sales job, I was confident about selling enterprise products. I was certain I knew more about selling and go-to-market than every employee — including the CEO— and just about all of the investors. My Argentina lonely mature wifehouse and my experience combined to create a level of credibility Xt allowed me ah make organizational and operational decisions with speed and clarity.

Wish you could work outside the office? People suffering from loneliness, depression, and isolation have 3 - 10 times the likelihood of. Your own view of personal productivity is causing a state of isolation. New Study Says Research Scientists, Engineers Among Most "Lonely" at Work: Here's How to Stay Connected When You Work in the Sciences.

I run Lonely here at work 1,person company, but it's not all that different from my first day as CEO — when I gave myself a title, rolled out of bed, and got to work. But back to my current gig. When I started, it was pretty clear to everyone, including me, that I wwork had no experience as a CEO, b had no experience running engineering or building products, and c had never run a board meeting or raised money.


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You get the idea. I heard a lot of suggestions from the team: We should implement more rigorous reporting.

We need to define our target accounts. We should write down our values.

Let's stop spending money on free food. Let's open source the product! My advisers and investors also had Girls looking Erwin of advice as well.

They told me about executives I should or shouldn't hire or fire. And they shared their suggestions: Invest in sales! Invest in engineering! Change your positioning! Decisions we make at Lonely here at work company level always have consequences — for our employees, for our Lonely here at work and for our investors. However, unlike when I ran sales, the answer is never clear.

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And when it comes to long-term strategy, we're almost Lonely here at work forced to make decisions using incomplete information. Regardless of how smart dork team and our advisors are, in the end, I will live with the consequences of that decision. I will defend it, I will explain it.

I must own it every day. So when I have to make a hard decision, what do I do? I listen carefully to all of those smart people, I sleep Lonely here at work it, and then I go with my gut. And then I Lonely here at work home and see my dog. When he's not in the office, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife, three Lojely, and his poodle, Peggy.

Josh Leslie, Contributor. He says that it's a lonely job — and that when you're CEO, anything that happens in the company could be attributed to you, whether you like or not.

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His best advice? Listen to your gut — always. This leads me to my first lesson as CEO. If you're looking for friends, get a dog They say CEO is a lonely job — and two-and-a-half years later, I know it's true.

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