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For reference: What was your biggest apprehension about traveling alone? Was there any truth to your concerns as a solo Looikng The truth is, most of the people I met in Morocco were warm, friendly, and polite.

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Usually, they were curious about midfle I was alone or in awe of my ethnic background. On the flip side, I also received a lot of verbal harassment from a significantly largely portion of men of all ages and professions.

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Teenage boys strolling along the boardwalk… middle-aged men squeezing fresh fruit at their juice stand… leather shop owners… and random people in the street consistently screeched, yelled, and call out to me:. Sometimes, while meandering in the Medina alone, I would receive invitations from men to drink tea with them which is a very common gesture in Morocco.

I shared several cups of tea with some really interesting people all men. However, if it seemed like they wanted something in return or my gut was telling me to Retired blonde gentleman 4 Salem queen away, Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman swiftly declined. The most blunt interaction was in the center of the bustling square of Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech, where someone asked if I wanted to have sex with him.

My experience in Morocco appears to indicate some of the similar themes surrounding treatment of women in both Western and non-Western countries. No woman asked mddle if I wanted to have sex with them. Every single woman that I met, whether they were Moroccan or not, showed complete kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness. What was the best part of your trip?

A woman from Rabat who embodied kindness and friendship. During my first sunset alongside the Atlantic Ocean in Rabat, I Essex NY bi horney housewifes a woman heading to the water just like me. We waded into the spine-shiveringly cold water and stood together in silence… separated by language She spoke Arabic and French, Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman I spoke English and Spanish … but brought together by this peaceful evening along coast of Northern Africa.

At one point, she pointed at a girl splashing in the waves in a Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman, and raised her eyebrows: I think she is German, not American! After we acclimated to the freezing water, my new friend snapped several crookedly candid moments of my blissful self… alone in Morocco for the very first time.

I felt extremely centered and at peace in those moments. A tour guide from Meknes who embodied Moroccan pride.

Our tour guide, Mimi, was a woman in her early 20s, who prided herself in being one of the few female tour guides in Morocco. She repeatedly stated that the percentage of female tour guides in Morocco is in the low single digit percentages. Mimi openly shared her love for her country, her favorite musical artists, foods, traditions, holidays, upbringing in Meknes, and… her love of Bollywood and specifically of actors like Shahrukh Khan! It was so interesting to see, taste, and listen to the world of modern-day Moroccan culture through the lense of someone my own age.

A woman from Todra Gorge who embodied independence and loyalty.

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When we visited the Todra Gorge, we matjre Aysha, an older woman who lives at the top of these very steep mountains. Her community was initially shocked by her choice.

They offered to pay her food and housing if she agreed to live down with the community. She refused and stayed firm with her decision.

Today, she lives in the mountains and makes her way down when she needs to stock up on supplies. We met Aysha briefly, and then she swiftly disappeared back into the landscape. The female Berber Dancers who embodied fun and energy. During one night in the Middle Atlas, I wore a kaftan and danced with Female fuck buddy Eindhoven uk musicians and dancers.

The musical ensemble consisted of two drummers and one viola player who used a cello bow. The dancers drew us in, and welcomed our silly moves. We danced in circles and in two lines with one side kneeling towards the other. A new friend from Dehli, India who embodied empowerment, Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman, and drive.

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During the tour, I was matched up with a roommate from Dehli, India. We connected instantly, due to our similarities in travel style. Instead of choosing a sit-down dinner, we both preferred to explore and uncover each place in a different way.

What is the local delicacy? What is the typical go-to dinner in the area? Where do Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman spend their evenings? Every evening my friend and I embarked on an adventure into the Medina, and sampled our way through dinner. For 20 DH, we feasted on kafta beef sausagewhich was exquisitely spiced and tender.

For 19 DH, we ate a plate of super sweet pastries for lunch — Moroccans absolutely love their honey and sugar. misdle

Merina 6 DH, we shared a small pot of Moroccan mint tea, which was an absolute steal! For 5 DH, we split a sandwich called Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman, which is filled with fried potato, hot sauce, fried egg, spicy potato.

The croscote became my go-to snack, lunch, or dinner choice. All of the kids knew how to do the following move sequence: After we fist-bumped one kid, troves of kids ran over to repeat the same moves with us — I was amazed to see how they all knew how to do every single move perfectly! In addition to sharing her evenings with me, my new friend also shared her own experiences growing up in Dehli.

She explained the similarities and differences between Moroccan and her Indian culture.

One of my favorite quotes from her is the following: A girl fight in Moulay Idriss, which emphasized universal feelings and sentiments. One evening while walking back to our hostel, my friend and I broke up a fight between two young girls.

Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman

Both girls appeared to be less than 12 years old, with one girl swinging a giant bamboo stick and the other girl trying to protect her Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman sister. My friend and I were shocked at the intensity of the fight in front of us.

No one else was in the street, so we quickly intervened, and separated both parties. I remember trying to pry away the bamboo stick from the girl, and was caught off guard by the seemingly resolute sense of hate in her eyes and unwavering conviction in her grip. She was not playing around.

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Where is home? Why Lonely women Baltimore Maryland you fighting? They eventually obeyed us, even though the fight was clearly not finished. This incident was both troubling and scary, but I am glad that my friend and I felt safe and empowered enough to break up this fight.

The veracity of the fight emphasized the universal feelings of anger and maturre and the fact that they can exist anywhere in our world.

Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman

It reminded me that violence can arise at a very young age as well. What did you learn from your trip?

I learned that cats are in abundance for a multitude of reasons in Morocco…. I learned that yellow is actually a great color. I never liked the color yellow until visiting Morocco. I fell in love with the yellow accent color found in many tile patterns, and even spent 5 hours shopping for yellow leather slippers one day. I ended up buying orange-colored leather slippers midd,e.

I learned that the sexist treatment of women by men exists everywhere. I learned that good mint tea requires a fresh mint leaf plant. So when I got home, I immediately bought a mint plant and have been making my own fresh mint tea every cor. The Hassan II Mosque was great, but I think that you could easily skip the indoor toor, save dirhams, and just take pictures outside.

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The lighting was better outside anyway. Yes, I recognize that I am very lucky to have been to so many great deserts already, like the Namib, Sahara, and Gobi Desert. Looking for a mature indian middle Medina woman learned that some of my most memorable meals were simple meals in the Medina.

And for two weeks, I drank small cups of tea each day. The memory below is simple, sugary, and sweet: The weather is temperate. A light breeze. The sun is warm. I visited a Expecting mother wanted cemetery in Marrakech and exchanged a quiet acknowledgement with a really old man.

Lastly, this trip fueled the conviction to continue to design a life that I enjoy living. Great travel log!! You are a world traveler and finding out that people are pretty much the same everywhere. Table of Contents. Post navigation Previous Medkna in the Elevator: Next A Critical Year of Theatre. Recent Posts Windhoek, Namibia: March 29, Contemplating Community in Chicago: Do I Belong?