Masterpiece provides the freshest donut possible. Made for you in front of your eyes. It’s not yesterday’s donut; it wasn’t made at 3 am this morning. It’s made when you order it so it’s still warm when you get it. The base donut is a delicious cake donut ready for your icings, toppings, and drizzles.

The Icing

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Maple
  • Glaze

The Toppings

  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Chopped peanuts
  • Oreo Crumbles
  • Mini M&M’s
  • Chocolate Pearls
  • Sea Salt
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • Cinnamon Sugar

The Drizzle

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Marshmallow
  • Caramel
  • Cinnamon
  • Raspberry
  • Peanut Butter
  • Espresso
Specialty Donuts

Icing: Vanilla
Drizzle: Chocolate
Topping: Crushed Oreos

Picasso is iconic for using jagged edges and dark lines in his cubistic style. The jagged edges of crushed Oreos and the chocolate drizzle combines elements of Picasso’s style.


Icing: Chocolate
Topping: Rainbow Sprinkles

Warhol is famous for his “pop” art print style – contrasting bright colors with dark ink. Add a little “pop” with sprinkles contrasted by chocolate icing.

Van Gogh

Icing: Maple Glaze
Topping: Mini M&M’s
Drizzles: Vanilla

Vincent van Gogh used textured brush strokes and pops of color. Our donut is topped with M&M’s for a little texture and pops of color to embrace his post-impressionist style.


Icing: Chocolate
Topping: Chopped Peanuts
Drizzles: Peanut Butter

Dark, subdued and rich hues characterized Rembrandt’s influential works of art. So, we went rich and creamy with chocolate icing, chopped peanuts, and peanut butter drizzle.


Icing: Glaze
Topping: Sea Salt
Drizzles:  Caramel

Monet painted ‘en Plein air’ style, embracing the fleeting elements of landscapes. So we kept it light and airy with a glaze icing, sea salt topping, and caramel drizzle.


Icing: Chocolate
Topping: Chocolate Pearls
Drizzles: Chocolate Drizzle

Vermeer loved to incorporate dark hues in his portraits and interior scenes of middle-class life. This donut is everything dark – chocolate icing, chocolate chips, and chocolate drizzle.


Icing: Chocolate
Topping: Graham Cracker Crumbles
Drizzles: Marshmallow

Andrew Wyeth is an iconic American painter. His outdoor, rustic landscapes pair well inspired us to create a donut inspired by an American classic – the s’more.


Icing: Chocolate
Topping: Chocolate Pearls
Drizzles: Raspberry

Renoir painted with neutral, earthy tones but loved to surprise his viewers with rich pops of color. A base of chocolate icing, chocolate Pearls and a surprise ‘pop’ of color with raspberries.


Icing: Vanilla
Topping: Graham Cracker Pieces
Drizzles: Cinnamon

A French-Danish man, Pissarro was influential to the works of impressionism and post-impressionism. In honor of his roots, the french toast! Vanilla icing, graham cracker, and cinnamon drizzle.


Icing: Chocolate
Topping: Chopped Peanuts
Drizzles: Marshmallow

Oh Klimt, an experimental artist who was influenced by a little bit of everything. So we decided to experiment ourselves with chocolate icing, chopped peanut, and marshmallow drizzle.


Icing: Glaze
Topping: Cinnamon & Sugar

What would sculpture be without Michelangelo? His use of clean lines, detail, and crisp white of marble inspired us to go simple with cinnamon and sugar but still yummy!


Icing: Chocolate
Drizzles: Espresso

Frida Kahlo painted portraits of herself because she believed no one else understood her quite like she did. So espress-yo-self like Frida with chocolate icing and espresso drizzle.

da Vinci

Icing: Maple
Toppings: Chopped Peanuts
Drizzles:  Cinnamon

da Vinci was influential for his studies of anatomy on parchment paper. Inspired by his style and color scheme, we present maple icing with chopped nuts and cinnamon.

Hot Coffee

A more robust version of the good old American cup of coffee. An americano is a shot of espresso infused with hot water.

$2.85 - $3.85
Brewed Illy Caffee Coffee

Your traditional coffee. This drip coffee is perfectly brewed to bring out the subtle taste characteristics inherent in both our single-origin and blended coffees.

$2.10 - $2.60
Caffee Latte

A latte is a shot of espresso combined with velvety steamed milk. The wonderful “crema” rises to the top, and we seal it with a cap of foam.

$3.10 - $4.40
Caffee Mocha

Steamed milk is swirled into chocolate sauce and espresso, combining the ingredients thoroughly and evenly. Your result is a sweet treat, topped with whipped cream.

$3.60 - $5.10

A classic presentation of espresso, steamed milk, and foam.  A cappuccino is an espresso with equal parts steamed milk and foam.

$3.10 - $4.40
Caramel Macchiato

The caramel macchiato is a layered latte – with espresso, steamed milk, foam, a hint of vanilla and a rich drizzle of caramel. It’s a drink filled with delight.

$4.10 - $5.10
Cortado Espresso

Espresso coffee mixed with an equal amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. The milk in a cortado is generally not frothy or foamy, but denser.


Pumpkin Spice, Mocha, White Mocha, Caramel, Cherry, Hazelnut, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Toffee Nut, Vanilla, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cinnamon Dulce.

$2.70 - $3.20
Iced Beverages
Iced Coffee

This pour-over method produces a sunny, flavorful glass of iced coffee.  Coffee brews directly onto the ice, cooling instantly and preserving the best flavors the beans have to offer.

$2.60 - $3.10
Iced Latte Macchiato

It is a rich and bold choice, with a layer of milk topped with espresso,

$4.10 - $5.10
Cold Brew

The same as our Illy Brewed cafe except its cold. The coffee is brewed in cold or room-temperature water.

$3.10 - $3.90

Coffee or non-coffee drinks blended with ice in the blender to make a smooth, cold, refreshing drink and usually topped with whipped cream and sauces.


Pumpkin Spice, Mocha White Mocha, Caramel, Cherry, Hazelnut, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Toffee Nut, Vanilla, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cinnamon Dulce,

$4.10 - $5.30

Think Frappe made in a cocktail shaker! The drink is strained from the ice. Smooth, cold and wonderful!

$3.10 - $4.40

Lemonade & Tea
Hot Tea

Brewed to perfection, our hot Illy cafe tea is the perfect choice on cool mornings when you need to start your day on a productive note.

$2.40 - $2.80

A sturdy and full-bodied tea that gains a unique subtlety from Ceylon and India teas.  A deep and satisfying cup any time of day. Perfect with a dash of cold milk.

$2.40 - $2.80
Vert Jasmin

The perfect choice for those who savor the delicate yet distinctive flavor of jasmine.  An artful blend if
refreshing Chinese green tea lightly scented with aromatic jasmine blossoms, picked at the height of fragrance.  Delightful for all occasions.

$2.40 - $2.80
Jardin Blue

Distinctive and refreshing, combining black tea from India and China with rhubarb and wild strawberry flavors. Puctuated with a sprinkling of cornflower and sunflower petals.

$2.40 - $2.80
Earl Grey Yin Zhen

A subtle marriage of black teas, delicate sliver tips, flower petals and essential oil from the finest bergamot
from Calabria.  The result is a well-balanced premium Earl Grey.

$2.40 - $2.80
Vert Menthe Touareg

Also known as Moroccan mint, this blend consists of Chinese gunpowder green tea, mint leaves and natural mint flavor.

$2.40 - $2.80

A delightful aromatic tea made from the fragrant white chamomile flower.  Its mild, floral taste with a slight fruity flavor grows deiliciously complex when sweetened with sugar or honey. Renowned for its digestive and calming properties.

$2.40 - $2.80
Miss Dammann Green Ginger Iced Tea

Spirited and spicy like a Parisian mademoiselle, Miss Dammann combines green tea and ginger with the
fruity, tangy scents of lemon and passion fruit. A fresh and lively blend.

$2.40 - $2.80
China Black Iced Tea

Blend of black teas flavored with the tasty notes of blackberry.

$2.10 - $2.90
Tom's Lemonade

Ingredients: Real Lemon Juice, pure cane sugar, Natural Stevia sweetener

To quench your thirst, all natural lemonade made with real lemon juice, pure cane sugar and natural sweetener. Only 74 calories for a 20 oz glass.

$2.60 - $3.60
Italian Soda

The Italian Soda is a combination of sparkling water and flavored syrup served over ice. We top it off with whipped cream and a gummy worm for fun!


Caramel, Cherry, Hazelnut, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Toffee Nut, Vanilla, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Watermelon

$2.25 - $3.25
Healthy Bowl
The Healthy Bowl

Our healthy option, sometimes you need something light topped with all of nature’s goodness!

Yogurt: Vanilla- Honey Greek

Fruit: Bananas, Raspberries, Blueberries

Granola: Vanilla Almond

Nutritional supplement