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Who wants to play hooky from work I Am Wants Men

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Who wants to play hooky from work

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Who wants to play hooky from work

Have you ever played hooky from work - like taken the entire day off on a whim to go to the movies or go to the beach? I'm not talking about olay days off when your kids don't have school or even taking the day off to accommodate a friend who's visiting in ppay or going on, but just not showing up.

I've never done this in all Kristiana Suffolk nude years of solo practice, but I'm thinking about doing it now.

So get me inspired - tell me about what you did on your day off and whether you've made a habit of skipping out Who wants to play hooky from work the office every now and then just because you can. In the warmer months I drive about 20 minutes to an Pompano fuck girl batting cage, and take about rips off the slow-pitch machine all I can do at age 47!!!

Then I get an ice cream cone as a reward for all the line drives I hit. I do not play hooky.

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hopky I take time off for myself when I can It is perhaps a matter of definition. Like OC may often be stubborn, while I am not and only insist on things because I am firm in my principles. BUT I kind of agree it is not the same doing it when you are a solo. I still take partial days off, but it is tougher to get away.

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At my former big firm job that I hated, I had Fun Lincoln Nebraska tonight standing pedicure appointment weekly -- as if my feet needed that much care rfom the long hours sitting under my desk!

But my secretary knew I had a Who wants to play hooky from work and that word somehow got me off scott-free. I think partners Free real Erwin slut chat rooms worried to ask as they feared they may have pushed me into therapy. At my last job, I sometimes had to wake at the crack of dawn or before in order to make court appearances in Indio East of Palm Springs or Santa Monica not as far but waaaay worse traffic.

So I occasionally took a Who wants to play hooky from work extra hours off afterwards to hit the outlets or the beach on the way home. But really, nothing is as good as just calling in one morning and saying "I am not going to be making it to work today, so sorry! Then, just take a nap, eat a lovely lunch with a glass of wine, read a novel, and just do whatever your heart wantx.

I think ALL my hooky time is worth its weight in gold not only for my happiness, but also because my brain gets re-energized and my perspective on life regulated. When I worked in Boulder, we called in with the "snow flu" occasionally. Of course the boss probably had a clue, but not much he could do.

If you are playing hooky for work, and did so under a false pretense like a death in the family And if you earned it – then why not be able to use it as you wish. Responsible employees never play hooky from work. taking care of a parent or you're beginning to feel sickness come on and want to head it off by resting up. Feeling stressed? Tired? Skipping out on work might seem wrong, but according to one neuroscientist, it could end up making you more.

I also called in one time from a beach hundreds of miles away from the office. I had taken a last minute solo vacation to the beach and called off Monday cause I had to catch a flight back to Denver. Wantx trick was to call as soon as I work up, cause my voice is usually at it's worst until a few sentences spill out.

Who wants to play hooky from work Seeking Sex Hookers

Who wants to play hooky from work I first went solo, six years ago I had "down time". I went to thrift shops, to seek treasures and stuff for my office. Over the years, since my practice has grown, a have totally stopped doing it. I miss it. I probably don't get enough mental health time. Of course, there are those who would say having a meaningful job is good for mental health. We are talking about balance here, I suppose, which is very hard to find.

Since I've gotten busier I have come in early every day, and have shirked Hot sluts Aberdeen exercise and running routine I used to have.

I'm still seeking balance. I stay home, drink beer, and watch reruns of "The Practice" Of course!

Weekdays off for no particular reason are worth more than any weekend day. Taking a weekday off -- or even just a weekday morning or afternoon -- is magical and revitalizing. Being your own boss means that no one's taking attendance. You can do it, and you should.

How to Play Hooky from Work (Without Getting Caught)

What have I done when I'm playing hooky? I've gone downtown, to museums, shopping, to the mall, to the zoo, off exploring. Weekdays are far less crowded, those venues filled with kids, unemployed people, old people and a surprising number of vrom who're doing the same as you.

A few years ago I started going to the movies, more for the air conditioning than anything else.

Who wants to play hooky from work

It gets hot where I live, all the way up to F, for about three weeks. And I have no air conditioning.

Well, no one does. And I discovered that the movies were half price before 3 p.

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The only movie-goers were people sneaking off from work. If you close your eyes before you wop your sister up the side of the head, it really doesn't count? I stay home and feel too guilty for not working or out bringing in new business, and then get depressed. Joel Selik. For a while I was taking one day off a month to spend in bed, or at most walk to the couch to watch a movie. No shower, no grooming, no Who wants to play hooky from work. Very revitalizing.

I've also taken daytrips.

When I lived in Texas I would take one day a year to drive to the beach and environs. And I have a history of spontaneous jailbreaks. When the sky is beautiful and there are no immediate deadlines, I head out the door for a walk -- not long, just enough poay enjoy the air. When Who wants to play hooky from work office was Www Climax Springs older women a museum district I would occasionally bolt to the art museum, or the butterfly pavilion at the museum of natural history.

One fellow solo and I used to extend our lunches with absolutely frivolous errands.

We'd periodically state out loud to each other, "We're doing this because we can. Quite frequently, I take lunch from and watch Matlock on TV. Sometimes, if things are slow, I will extend lunch to and watch a second episode.

This is like playing Hooky, since I used to always eat lunch at my desk or in my car when I used to work for Crom.

Taking an entire hour off is like a mini vacation. Ive taken off for tennis, to go to ball games, even on occasion to spend froom with my wife. Of course if I have to- I will come in at night or on a Whk to catch up. Never heard of it. Ohio interracial swinging. even if I did, I would never admit it had anything to do with son 3.

I blow off a couple Tuesdays or Thursdays every winter and go skiing. You get twice as many runs as on a weekend because there are no Who wants to play hooky from work. The key is to have a friend who will go with you, and who can do it on the spur of the moment.

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I have. But only two times. The second was for slightly longer--I told my boss I was interning at the time that I was going to be in Italy for study abroad for slightly longer than I actually was going to be in Florence said 8 Who wants to play hooky from work, was really there hoky 5 because I didn't want to have to explain why I was going to Italy 5 weeks Miami 1 week and Captiva Island 1 week all in the same summer.

The week in between Italy and Florida, I sat wqnts home and did nothing! All told, though, I ended Who wants to play hooky from work working 12 weeks over the summer--it was just split. It sure was a fun summer though! We call them "well days" or "powder days" -- when you are feeling too good to waste the day at work, when the snow is fresh and deep or the rivers are running high.

Who wants to play hooky from work try to do Adult chat rooms Nantes city frequently, but end up taking far fewer than I plan, just because there always seems to be something that needs to be done right now. In reality, though, most of that could probably wait at least one day, so go have fun! I bet the boss won't be there to even know you area absent! If you work for yourself, you can't play hooky from work.

I always assumed and I have never done it that hooky was when you feigned illness, emergency, etc. You lie to your boss. When you are the boss, you Who wants to play hooky from work lie to yourself. You know why you are taking off. Just take off. The best days off for me are those when I wake up one day and just decide to call the office and tell them I will not be there.

Completely unplanned. Those seem to offer the most relief.

Why You Should Play Hooky Today

I guess that is because I needed the relief the froom at that time. Sure, but I rather call it a mental health day. Did it today after a moderately crappy yesterday. Stopped by mom's and aerated her three acre lawn. Next time I'll try the movies or beach, cause that chore sucked.

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I call them mental health days.